The Bricks are Here!

January 2, 2008
Richard L. Patch

It was uncertain which would come first... the apocalypse or the Lambda Epsilon Charitable Fund's first and only fundraiser, but it appears that the engraved bricks purchased by dozens of alumni and undergraduate brothers earlier in the decade has finally come to fruition. What was to originally become a Serpentine Wall, similar to that at the University of Virginia, is now the Walk of Honor. These engraved bricks are to replace the concrete in the sidewalk that leads up from the corner of Greek Park Drive to the front porch of the Lambda Epsilon Chapter House.

Brick Palette

The question that remains is who will lay them. The LECF is in need of a proper bricklayer that can properly affix these bricks so that they can last a lifetime. If you have any knowledge of a licensed and insured bricklayer, please contact the LECF.