Auxiliary Parking for Football Tailgates

January 4, 2008
Richard L. Patch


Many people are unaware that the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house at the University of Central Florida is located on one of the largest lots in UCF's Greek Park. What once was designated as the retention pond for all of Greek Park had been filled with dirt in the early 1990's and became one valuable piece of property on a corner lot, right next to the Lake Claire Park. As the drainage system was designed, it became apparent that much of the land could not be developed, so trees and a drainage system were constructed on the south side of the lot.


Auxiliary Parking Lot


So, fellow alumni, if you've never been by the house during a football game, or are tired of walking to the stadium from a distance farther that traveling from the old portables to the Visual Arts Builiding, stop by the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house, and grab a spot early before they fill up. You'll have a parking spot, and meet some friendly new undergrads eager to hear about how things were in your days.

Overflow Parking

The fraternity house and its standard parking lot (which was paved in 2004, eliminating the smaller and unaffectionately named "Lake Cossa", a gaping whole in the older, unpaved parking lot) reside on the north side of the lot. While residents park there during non-football days, they are gracious enough to move their cars to the new auxiliary lot, during football tailgates, so that alumni may park their cars in the paved parking lot on gamedays. Of course with this new parking lot, signs detering anyone else from parking any other time were necessary. The auxiliary lot was approved by UCF in conjunction with the LECF.

Towing Sign